Selected Publications

Quantum Sensing of Insulator-to-Metal Transitions in a Mott Insulator

NJ McLaughlin,* Y Kalcheim,* A Suceava, HL Wang, IK Schuller, CHR Du 

Advanced Quantum Technologies 2021, 2000142


Structural Manipulation of Phase Transitions by Self-induced Strain in Geometrically Confined Thin Films

Y Kalcheim, C Adda, P Salev, MH Lee, N Ghazikhanian, NM Vargas, J del Valle and IK Schuller

Advanced Functional Materials 2020, 2005939 “VIP paper”


Non-thermal resistive switching in Mott insulators

Y Kalcheim, A Camjayi, J del-Valle, P Salev, M Rozenberg, IK Schuller

Nature communications 2020, 11, 2985


Caloritronics based Mott neuristor

J del-Valle J, P Salev P, Y Kalcheim, Schuller IK

Scientific Reports 2020, 10, 4292


Subthreshold firing in Mott nanodevices

J del-Valle, P Salev, F Tesler, NM Vargas, Y Kalcheim, P Wang, J Trastoy, MH Lee, G Kassabian, JG Ramirez, MJ Rozenberg, IK Schuller

Nature 2019, 569, 388


Giant non-volatile resistive switching in a Mott oxide and ferroelctric oxide

P Salev, J del-Valle, Y Kalcheim, IK Schuller

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2019, 116 (18), 8798


Robust Coupling between Structural and Electronic Transitions in a Mott Material

Y Kalcheim, N Butakov, NM Vargas, MH Lee, J del-Valle, J Trastoy, P Salev, IK Schuller

Physical Review Letters 2019, 122 (5), 057601


Intertwined magnetic, structural and electronic phase transitions in a Mott insulator

B Frandsen, Y Kalcheim, I Valmianski, A Mcleod, Z Guguchia, SC Cheung, A Hallas, M Wilson, Y Cai, G Luke, Z Salman, T Prokscha, T Murakami, H Kageyama, DN Basov, IK Schuller, T Uemura

Physical Review B 2019, 100, 235156


Electrically induced multiple metal-insulator transitions in oxide nanodevices

J del Valle, Y Kalcheim, J Trastoy, A Charnukha, DN Basov, IK Schuller

Physical Review Applied 2017, 8, 054041


Dynamic control of the vortex pinning potential in a superconductor using current injection through nanoscale patterns

Y Kalcheim, E Katzir, F Zeides, N Katz, Y Paltiel, O Millo

Nano Letters 2017, 17 (5), 2934


Magnetic field dependence of the proximity induced triplet superconductivity in ferromagnet/superconductor interfaces

Y Kalcheim, O Millo, T Kirzhner, G Koren, M Egilmez, A di Bernardo, MG Blamire,

JWA Robinson

Physical Review B 2014, 89, 180506 – rapid communication


Evidence for anisotropic triplet superconductor order parameter in half-metallic ferromagnetic La0.7Ca0.3Mn3O proximity coupled to superconducting Pr1.85Ce0.15CuO4

Y Kalcheim, O Millo, M Egilmez, J Robinson, M Blamire

Physical Review B 2012, 85 104504


Long-range proximity effect in La2/3Ca1/3MnO3/(100)YBa2Cu3O7-δ ferromagnet/superconductor bilayers: Evidence for induced triplet superconductivity in the ferromagnet

Y Kalcheim, T Kirzhner, G Koren, O Millo

Physical Review B 2011, 83, 064510 (‘editor’s suggestion’)