AJA DC/RF magnetron sputtering system: ATC-2200-UHV

Our research requires a high-quality, versatile and efficient thin-film deposition technique. To achieve this goal, our AJA ultrahigh vacuum sputtering system is equipped with a 6-position cassette and fully automatic substrate manipulation mechanism to enable fast exploration of growth parameters. It allows substrate temperatures of up to 1000 C and co-sputtering from multiple sputtering guns simultaneously.


Lakeshore TTPX Cryogenic probe station

Our probe station can perform measurements of electrical properties of from DC to 40 GHz across a wide temperature range (4K-675K). Its short pump-down time and fast temperature variability along with the ease of switching between multiple samples/devices allows highly efficient fabrication/characterization cycles.


Rigaku Smartlab variable temperature X-ray diffractometer

The departmental X-ray diffractometer allows measurements in the range 80K – 1400K allowing to measure structural properties across phase transitions. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art 2D detector for highly efficient measurements of reciprocal space maps.